What To Eat

So, I’m a super picky eater, but have to try to eat healthy. I am dairy and gluten free, however that does not make me a “healthy eater”. I typically eat fairly well, but I am not a fan of vegetables. I am especially picky when it comes to texture (something I attribute to Lyme). There is a long list of things I will not eat because of their texture, yet some things are okay as long as they are prepared in the right way. I am nauseous quite a bit and often do not feeling like eating specific foods. Moral of the story, I want to try to find ways to eat healthier things (a.k.a more vegetables)  that don’t make me want to throw up.

Finding foods that I like and ways to prepare them that I can tolerate will be part of my Lyme journey. Every recipe that I will share will be gluten and dairy free! So for the Lymies/diet restricted people out there, I hope this helps! For now, the recipes will not be mine.

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Happy eating!


“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”