Meet the Author/Photographer

Hey all!

I’m Elise Hendrickson and I am the author and photographer for this blog.

I am from Minnesota and am temporarily living in Georgia.

I graduated high school June of 2016 and am taking a year off from college as I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in January of 2016. I was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October of 2015. Though I have been dealing with a lot of medical and physical challenges, my mentality remains positive and my faith is strong. I will be attending University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA the fall of 2017. For now, I will take each day as a new day and do my best to get healthy and strong.

I love to be outside and I love taking photos – macro and landscape, mainly. I love hiking, being around water and trees, running, walking, pond hockey and yoga. I was a soccer player for 14 years and still love to kick the ball around. I am not as active as I was, due to Chronic Lyme Disease, however, I have been treating Lyme with various protocols for just over 8 months and am beginning to feel stronger and healthier.

My goal with writing and photography is to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle that focuses on physical and mental well-being through physical activity, community involvement, opening the mind, finding your inner creator, and making healthy choices.

My blog is here to make a difference, to reveal the challenges of life, and to inspire others to overcome the various obstacles that life presents.

I am an ambassador of Livin’ Life Man and want to inspire all people to live their lives in positive motion. To learn more about LLM and their mission, click on the link above. We sell clothes, hats and stickers in hopes that we can spread the idea of living in positive motion, moving forward despite the circumstance, and living united to make this world a better place.

I love to be involved in the community and am always looking for a chance to make a difference in the world. For my tenth birthday party, I went to Feed My Starving Children to help make a difference in third-world countries. I am a recipient of the Gold Presidential Award for Community Service and received a varsity letter in Community Service from my high school. I have continued to pursue my passion to make a difference in the world by supporting Pura Vida bracelets (and am a Pura Vida rep). I truly love their mission to provide jobs for artisans in Costa Rica to support themselves and their families. I am also a Sashka Co Bracelet rep. I love this company’s story and mission. By purchasing bracelets from Sashka Co, you’re supporting artisans in Nepal to rise above poverty through fair trade. Click on “Links to Make A Difference” above to find out more about these two companies.

I have written a number of blogs on my struggle with Lyme and you can find these under the “My Lyme Disease Journey” tab. If you’re interested in learning more about Lyme, go to the “Links to Make A Difference” tab.

If there are any requests, comments or questions, don’t hesitate to comment on any of my posts or email me at


3 thoughts on “Meet the Author/Photographer

  1. hi sweet girl–love your posts! I met your Mom at the CDC, can’t wait to meet you. I am fighting lyme as well and live about 5 minutes from yall. Can’t wait to play and take you to free meditation at the library and yoga–easy peasy can lay and rest if needed. XO Mary Reese

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