An Update: Life is Changing!

Hey Everyone! So, here’s a big, kind of major, update!

I’m doing a bit of a rebrand/makeover with my documenting, blogging and photography.

So there’s been quite a change in my creative direction recently! I am still going to write, but in a different format with different structure, and on a different platform. I am ‘re-branding’ per-say, and am doing away with Live Younique. My inspiration is changing, and so is my life direction, therefore, I see it fitting to change this – whatever ‘this’ is.

I am going to try out some YouTube/video stuff, whilst still writing here and there, and of course taking photos whenever the opportunity presents itself. Writing is a platform for vulnerability and openness, and I love that, but it’s not as spontaneous as it used to be for me… hence the video idea. I will be uploading video blogs and other videos that pertain to my life onto my YouTube channel which is linked here. I am also going to start using my other site which is now for writing and photography.

I am certain that God has a plan for me, just as He has one for you. I’ve spent the past couple of months listening intently and persistently for what the next steps of my creative process will be. I feel that allowing myself to be spontaneous and free with the whole video blog (vlog) thing will bring out a new creative side to me, and I find YouTube a very intriguing outlet for creative inspiration and production.

My videos will vary, but my intention will always be based around living a positive lifestyle. I will be posting videos regarding living with a chronic illness, taking on college with type 1 diabetes, traveling with type 1 and chronic Lyme disease, and lots of adventure documentation.

I hope you guys will subscribe to my new YouTube channel and photo blog, and follow along with where all this is going. Like I said, I will continue to write, just in a different way, and photo galleries will continue to be published. So, head over to my ‘new’ blog site, enter your email and subscribe, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, too!

I’m super pumped to figure this out, and am totally hyped about documenting all the fun stuff ahead of me. So, thanks for all of your support and encouragement with my writing and photography, and I hope you’ll continue to send positive vibes my way as I take on this new medium of art.


Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


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