I Am A Warrior

My physical strength has increased substantially. I am growing mentally and physically.  I am seeing my potential more and more. This battle is full of ups and downs, and I’ve experienced my fair share of trying times.

I am in awe of this body that God so graciously gifted me. I am in awe of the power of His love. And I am in awe of my spiritual journey that I happened myself upon this year. It’s coming down to the last few months before I move across the country, again. I am so excited, but also a bit nervous.

Considering it’s the end of May (Lyme Disease Awareness Month) I thought it’d be appropriate to take a series of photos in which I feel strong and beautiful; where I feel used by God; that I see progress in my physical abilities that directly reflect my mental and spiritual growth. My journey to a healthy me has been difficult, unpleasant and rocky; but it’s also been magnificent, rewarding and humbling.

Documenting the Perseverance and Determination I’m Just Now Realizing

I still have a couple more months of intense treatment, and I know that my fight isn’t near over, so here’s to the next chapter of discovering my full potential.

A handstand for acknowledging who I am right now, how far I’ve come, and the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me – discovering my faith in Jesus Christ.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Backbends for realizing my heart is open, allowing me to let go and move on, and giving myself permission to love myself and all right now.

 A side-body stretch/hip opener to remember my flexible attitude and go-with-the-flow mindset, to remind myself of the creativity and openness of my own heart.

A forward fold and balancing pose for a sense of grounding and stability, knowing that I can withstand any obstacle thrown at me because my foundation is sturdy and supported.

And lastly, a boat pose variation as a reminder of the strength that I have from within, and to remain confident in God’s miraculous work, and to stay humble and grateful.

We are all fighters, and we all deserve to love ourselves. We are warriors and nobody can ever take away that strength from us. Facing adversity and battling chaos isn’t easy by any means, but the victory of being an overcomer is a glorious reality that we will all achieve, eventually.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


2 thoughts on “I Am A Warrior

  1. Oh Elise we were so happy to be with you and your family at your Grandpa’s Jim memorial service! As I said there, we are amazed at your determination and strength during your battle with Lyme’s disease! You are so strong, so determined and so amazing! Yes you will recover and go on to help so many! We love You! We pray for you! You will be cheering for you!!! We love YOU! God Bless You!

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