Lyme Disease Awareness Month

It’s May. That means it’s LYME DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH. My goal with this month is to provide information that is useful, shareable, and relatively easy to grasp. Let’s get talking.

For starters there are boat loads of symptoms that come with persistent/chronic Lyme Disease. These symptoms include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Exhaustion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Air hunger
  • Paralysis
  • Excruciating joint and muscle pain
  • Tingling sensations in extremities
  • Numbness of skin and muscles
  • Bell’s Palsy – for more info click here
  • Pain and weakness of extremities
  • Swelling and stiffness of joints
  • Bone pain
  • Crushing sensation all over body
  • Migraines
  • Headaches in specific areas of the head
  • Vision loss, shaky vision, floaters in vision, double vision, laggy eyes
  • Eating disorders
  • Dry eyes
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Autoimmune conditions (trigger)
  • Psychological disorders – depersonalization, OCD, anxiety, depression
  • Chest pain
  • POTS and other cardiac conditions
  • Flushing of the face
  • Dis-regulation of body temperature/fever
  • Dizziness/Unbalanced/Vertigo
  • Muscle spasms/twitching
  • Blisters – skin, mouth, throat
  • Seizures
  • Material and food texture sensitivity
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disorientation
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Pins and needles pain (like your entire body fell asleep and won’t wake back up)
  • and many, many more.
Thank you to all of my Lyme friends who gave me lists of symptoms they’ve experienced. The majority of the symptoms have been dealt with unanimously, which is really unfortunate. However, having people who truly understand the physical and emotional toll that Lyme has is an incredible blessing. 

These symptoms can be caused by a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • Lyme and co-infection bacteria are spirochete in shape. They make their way through each and every part of the body, at their own pace and pattern; getting into joints, organs, blood system, and ultimately the spinal cord.
  • Lyme and co-infection bacteria are basically eating you… and if something eats, it must produce waste. This waste is toxic to humans. Dealing with toxins is an enormous hurdle to overcome. Detoxing is one of the main techniques in treating Lyme/Cos.
  • All the bacteria/viruses. Period. Your body is going into overdrive trying to fight, and it just can’t handle it all. We can thank borrelia (many different strains), babesia, bartonella, erlichia, Q fever, Powassan virus, mycoplasma, tularemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, and more…
  • Medications. Pain meds (natural, over-the-counter, and prescription), detox therapies (saunas, supplements, lemon water, epsom salt baths, etc.), antibiotics, antimicrobials, supplements, vitamins, herbal medications, physical therapy, etc. Not only is the whole infection part of lyme traumatizing and debilitating, but the treatment and therapies that we go through is extremely difficult and destructive.

To learn more about the co-infections click here.

All these symptoms come and go. Some for years, some for days. Nearly every chronic Lyme victim has been misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed. We seem to be a medical mystery to most conventional medicine doctors. There is a giant lack of funding and research that’s being done. Many doctors seem to care more about making money off of a patient than actually making the patient feel better. Organization refuse to acknowledge the epidemic that Lyme Disease has become. It’s considered illegal to treat Lyme Disease that has been in someone’s system for more than 30 days. The resources that are offered Lyme patients are most likely not covered under insurance, which cause unneeded stress and strain on the patient and family. Chronic Lyme Disease needs to be addressed by more than just the patients. The general public needs to see how destructive this disease is. Everybody needs to understand that anybody, anywhere can contract Lyme Disease, and/or tick-borne illnesses. Antibiotics need to be administered for far longer than 2 weeks. Therapies and medications need to be covered by insurance. People die from Lyme disease – mental and physical reasons. This isn’t a joke of a condition. Let’s start talking.

Lyme disease can be contracted by more than just a deer tick. Contraction of Lyme or tick-borne illnesses can be from:

  • biting flies
  • biting insects
  • mosquitos
  • mother to unborn baby in womb
  • blood transfusion from infected person

Symptoms that don’t ‘make sense’ need to be talked about. Lyme is a very real thing and is often the answer to medical mysteries . Lyme deserves a proper, researched, funded diagnosis. I need your help, the Lyme community needs your help, everybody needs your help. Start talking. Share my contact information with anyone who you may think benefit from more information, or who may be suffering from Lyme. Share this post with them. You don’t need to have all the symptoms listed above. You may have completely different symptoms. The point is that Lyme imitates hundreds of other conditions that have no “known” root cause, and being tested for Lyme, the proper way (the traditional test used in a conventional clinic will likely not be sufficient – see here for more info) is critical. My Lyme tests came back somewhat conclusive, but in the end, my doctor made the diagnosis based on blood tests, medical history, current symptoms, and an hour long conversation. Lyme is not a black and white diagnosis like strep throat; there’s no single medication that gets rid of it.

I encourage you to go watch this documentary – Under Our Skin. It’s on Amazon Prime for free, or it’s $4.00 to rent on Amazon. This movie is very informative and intriguing. Also, the CDC is not necessarily a place to get information regarding Lyme disease, though they are working on updating statistics, their testing and treatment recommendations are out of date and not enough.

Here’s the trailer to Under Our Skin‘s sequel – Under Our Skin: Emergence

Please, for me, for the rest of the Lyme victims, and any future victims, start talking. Take care of yourself, check for ticks on yourselves and pets. Lyme disease is an epidemic. I invite you to wear something green, use the hashtag LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth, and just start talking.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

Visit for more statistics and data. 
For more information on Lyme or how to get in touch with a Lyme specific doctor, please visit:

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