This is Life

My legs are aching. My heart is loving. My face is smiling. My mind is moving. This is life.

I’m working hard. I’m editing photos. I’m writing words. I’m learning all about what it takes to leader. I’m working hard to be a better version of me. I’m acknowledging the aches – physical and mental. I’m moving forward in positive motion.

This life is so much more than what the physical body experiences. This life is about doing what you can to inspire and be inspired. This life is about finding where you can love and be loved. This life is about discovering what your passion is and encouraging others to pursue their’s.

This life is finding out what moves your mind. This life is exploring opportunities that you might have shut down before. This life is talking to people who may not be in your life forever, but allowing them to make a difference in your life right now.

This life is trusting that we are in the right place, for the right now, at the right time.

This life is going after dreams that people have told you are impossible. This life is having faith in the fact that we are capable of more than we often think. This life is setting small goals, because sometimes big ones are intimidating. This life is taking each moment and recognizing the greatness in it.

This life is moving forward, one step at a time, doing your best to see the light, no matter how dark the path gets.

This life is recognizing change and using it to our advantage. This life is continuing to take baby steps when seeing the future seems impossible. This life is channeling determination for the projects that you keep putting off. This life is realizing that you have the power to change something, simply because you are you. This life is finding peace in the midst of chaos, because stressing is overrated.

This life is finding motivation when frustration comes like a tidal-wave. This life is being persistent on the most dreary of days. This life is having hope when all else fails. This life is believing in something that’s bigger than yourself.

This is life. What are you going to do with it?


Elise Hendrickson


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