What the World Needs

I’m not a political person, I am not a fan of debating, it’s just not my nature.

However, I am a christ-filled person who strives for grace, peace, and hope in all things. I am not trying to be overly optimistic, I am just trying to get some love and light shed onto this confusing, emotion-filled day.

This election is shocking, exciting, saddening, and every other emotion EVERY ONE is feeling.

Some will not be okay, some are shaken up, some are angry.

Some are happy, some are ecstatic, some are ready.

Some are torn, some are broken, some are scared.

Some are hyped up, some are overjoyed, some are confident.

Our emotions may be different. But this country is the UNITED States of America. I will repeat that, we are the UNITED States of America.

It breaks my heart to see people ruin relationships over who someone voted for.

I know Republicans, and they have pure hearts, loving souls, and open minds.

I know Democrats, and they have pure hearts, loving souls, and open minds.

Please, please, please be respectful of each other. Be respectful of each other’s opinions. Be respectful of each other’s emotions. Be respectful of each other’s futures.

Accept one another for who they are in their entirety, because God wouldn’t want anything less. ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ – Mark 12:31

Acknowledge one another’s feelings, opinions, and reasons. Don’t be quick to disregard a whole person based on this election.

I am confident that neither candidate was appropriately equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead our country. But I am confident that God remains on His throne. God will love all, for all. His love reigns higher than any presidential election, higher than any worthless tweet, higher than any complaint.

For some, I know, it’s hard to love right now. But I encourage you to find love from your like-minded friends, from your family, from God, from the friends who are showing you respect. Avoid turning to hate, because you never wanted hatred in the first place. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in the anger, but instead mourn with an open heart. Do something that makes your heart happy.

For others, I know you’re celebrating in the utmost joy. But I encourage you to shed love and compassion onto your friends who are saddened. I encourage you to be humble and gracious in celebrating. Avoid being condescending, you don’t need to encourage hateful behavior. Find a reason to love someone.

We can all learn from each other. Different points of view, different views, different opinions, that’s what makes this world not-so boring. Embrace the differences, and love each other for the excitement that uniqueness brings to our lives.

To both sides, don’t assume and stop inferring. Let the moment be in the hands of God. Listen to each other fully; reasoning is unique.

I am not saying that you have to go compliment someone on who they voted for, I am simply asking for you to shed some love and shine some light on each other. We all deserve happiness, we all deserve success, we all deserve love, we all deserve grace and hope.

One last point, I know people voted for whoever they did for a reason. If you made an uneducated vote I feel sorry for you. The two candidates were on either end – they were extreme cases. Don’t assume that your conservative friend believes in  EVERYTHING that Trump supported, and don’t assume that your liberal friend stands for EVERYTHING that Hillary wanted.

Have some grace and shed some love. Be respectful and loving. We’ve got 4 years to come together as a country and be United under God, more than any other presidential term. Let’s prove to each other that we are capable of standing on love and for love.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


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