Just Leap

There are times when I feel completely defeated; I feel like the sky is falling and my world is collapsing.

I don’t always know who to talk to, what to do, or when to speak up when I feel low.

I am not one to drag myself around and let the weight of the world break me.

I am one to stay positive and radiate love as much as I can, wherever I am.

You know the saying, “just take baby steps, and you’ll get there.”?

Yeah, I use that saying quite often, especially when my Lyme treatment doesn’t seem to be helping, or I’m having more sick days than good days. However, I don’t think life is meant for baby steps. I am convinced that in order to chase your dreams, you have to jump. And by jump, I really mean leap.

You need to leap as high and as far as your legs will let you. Baby steps can only carry you so far.

fullsizeoutput_3fb8.jpegLeap with confidence.

When you feel defeated and shoved around, leap. Leap into positivity, leap into your passion, leap into your dreams. Don’t just put one toe into positivity. One toe doesn’t have the strength to defeat the negativity. You’ve got to be all in.

Life is so much more than self-pity; it’s so much more than wallowing in self-doubt; it’s so much more than dragging one foot behind the other.

Life needs to be lived. Life is a collection of success and failure. Don’t let the failure get you down, let it teach you. Life wouldn’t be exciting if you didn’t have to get creative to chase your dreams.

Leap without fear, leap wildly and imaginatively.

Life wouldn’t be the elaborate thing that it is if you didn’t take those leaps.

Find balance with your leaps. Listen to your heart. Be in tune with yourself, and know when leaping is needed.

Leap. As far as your heart desires. If you land exactly where you wanted, great. If you landed in a confusing place, open your heart and mind; find out what your purpose is. Just leap.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

**Written in response to The Daily Post prompt: Leap.


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