Positively Fall

Get out, make your heart happy.

Fight the pain, fight the fatigue.

You heart needs to be happy for proper healing.

You can rest and relax later.

Do the best that you can to make your heart happy.

Don’t forget the pain meds, the ice packs and heating patches.

Do what you have to to make your heart happy.

This season is for change.

A change of heart, of attitude and of intention.

Make your heart happy.

Enjoy the colors and creations.

Laugh without hesitation and make memories without regret.

Illnesses, obstacles, personal issues, daily challenges, general struggles. Everyone deals with that stuff; it’s the way in which we choose to see the world post-(fill in the blank with whatever you’re going through) that matters.

Choose to see the light and the love. Choose to see the openness and the warmth. Choose to see the opportunity and growth.

I don’t have many words right now, but the words I do have, I will choose to share. I will choose inspiration and optimism. I will choose to live today. I will embrace who I am now, without resentment or negativity. I am tired, but I will keep moving. I am in pain, but I will keep moving. I will keep moving forward. That’s the only direction worth going. That’s where opportunity presents itself. That’s where growth occurs. That’s where I’m headed. There will be change, and I am excited.

Let it be well with your soul.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

*Written for The Daily Post Discovery Challenge: Mixed Media.


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