5 Reasons to Smile

I have many reasons to be bitter, angry, sad and frustrated.

And so do many other people in this world.

But, are those reasons really greater than the things that we have to be grateful for?

There are somedays that I don’t think twice about smiling and I think positively all day. Other days are a little bit harder to keep up with those happy vibes.

There are so many things in the world to smile about, despite the immense amount of things that make us want to cry or yell. So, find those things.

Reasons to smile:

  1. The sun and/or the clouds. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, rainy or dry, the weather is life, it’s uncontrollable. So, why get mad at the sky? Why get upset with the sun or the clouds. It’s important to remember that whatever the weather, life goes on, and there is always something that benefits from the weather. Think about it.
  2. The food that you ate. Smile because your tummy is happy. Your body has been nourished and energized. Your body has consumed food that allows you to live. The food that you ate, not everybody gets. Whether it was a PB&J or a piece of steak, the food that you put in your body is a reason to smile.
  3. The water you drink. Your body is hydrated. You will likely avoid feeling drained and light headed. You will likely avoid the headaches and the nausea. Your skin will glow and you will feel refreshed. The water you drink is a reason to smile.
  4. The movements you are able to do. If you’re in a wheel chair, smile for being able to move around. If you’re able to run 10 miles, smile for being able to push your body’s limits. If you’re in pain, smile for the short walks from your bed to the kitchen and back. If you’re well and able, smile for being well and able. Movement is relative, and whatever movement you are capable of is a reason to smile.
  5. Jesus Christ. Our saviors, our grace, our faith, our strength, our rock. Jesus Christ, the reason behind all forgiveness. Jesus Christ, the love of my life and the root of all goodness. Being present in Jesus Christ and al that he has to offer us is a reason to smile. To dive into the greatness that is brought by Jesus is a reason to smile. To know that all things will be okay and will be good is a reason to smile. Remembering what is more than this life on Earth is a reason to smile. To know that I will be healed and I will thrive when Jesus is at the center of all intentions and ideas is a reason to smile. If there is one reason you decide to smile today, make Jesus the reason.


It’s important to remember to smile. Smiling changes outlooks, changes lives, changes hearts, changes attitudes. Smiling is a universally recognized sign of contentment. So, smile. Smile to show your love for your life, despite the hatred towards the situation. Smile to spread Jesus’ love. Smile to make yourself feel good.

We all struggle, we all have down days, we all have sad times, we all have bad attitudes. Sometimes it’s easier to just shut down. But, that will not get you anywhere.

Smiling will make you feel better, as hard as it is sometimes.

Learn to train your body to react with gratitude and a smile.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


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