What’s Wrong With Chronic Lyme Disease?

Little rant regarding Chronic Lyme’s acknowledgement in the medical world.

Please take 9 minutes and watching this video.

Chronic Lyme disease, sometimes, can actually be more devastating than cancer. I am not disregarding cancer’s detrimental effects on the patient and the family. However, I am just simply trying to raise awareness about Chronic Lyme Disease. Chronic Lyme Disease is real. The CEO of Lymedisease.org has many important, fascinating and worthwhile points in the video above. However, the only people who listen and know exactly what she’s talking about are the people going through Chronic Lyme Disease, the victim and the family of the victim; that HAS to change. Awareness needs to be made general, easy to access, and real… just like cancer awareness.

There are no definitive answers to Chronic Lyme. I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to feel like when I’m Lyme free.. or if I go into remission.. and then what?


I am at a loss for words regarding the CDC’s belief in Lyme Disease. The video above was published in 2014, nearly 2 year ago. In 2 years, cancer research has been taking steps in the right direction. Cancer research has been making millions.What about Chronic Lyme?

The CDC is arrogant and doesn’t understand the true impact of Lyme, and they refuse to research or listen to researchers about Lyme. The CDC refuses to acknowledge Lyme Disease as a chronic condition. Physicians and medical practitioners can lose their licenses by treating Chronic Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is not just about the health related issues, it’s much more than that.

This might be scary, but I’ll take my chances. I think that there are more people in this world that have Borrelia (the Lyme bacteria) in their body than who do not. However, many of these people have been misdiagnosed with MS, Lupus, Psychological disorders, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis (and others), ALS, Alzheimers, and many other “diseases”. The problem with these “diseases” is that nobody has actually found a true root cause for the symptoms. The words that are listed are purely a set of symptoms with a title. The other problem with these “diseases” is that any medication or treatment plan that and individual takes to help relieve their symptoms is only surpassing the already suppressed immune system. How in the world are you supposed to get better when all you do is tear apart your immune system? Aren’t you supposed to build your immune system up when you want to get better? Many Chronic Lyme treatment protocols deal with building the immune system, ridding the body of toxins and making sure the body is as healthy as it can be so that any other medications that are taken may only effect Borrelia, and not the whole body. Why aren’t other illnesses treated like this?

The other set of people are people who haven’t had a chance to have their immune system weakened enough to allow for Borrelia to escape into the body. I, personally, had multiple events over the course of 3 years that consequently weakened my immune system to the point that I was just too sick to function normally – hence the Lyme diagnosis.

Well, my hypothesis, as well as many other’s, is that the list of titles-for-symptoms above are actually Lyme Disease. Why? Because pain, memory problems, loss of control, lack of movement, decreased weight, increase in muscle weakness, loss of fine-motor skills, decreased motivation, increased tremors, ringing in the ears, etc. are actually all symptoms of Chronic Lyme. And guess what? Lyme Disease is actually a thing! Chronic Lyme Disease has a definitive spirochete and can be (though tricky) identified through blood tests.


ALS is one example of the conditions that have symptoms matching to that of Lyme, but ALS does not have a definitive spirochete, or bacteria for that matter, that can be identified. Go to this website and scroll to the bottom (http://www.massgeneral.org/als/patienteducation/DiagnosingALS.aspx) to see the chart of symptoms for ALS; keep in mind that many of the tests that they do to determine ALS, they also do for Lyme.

“The cause(s) of ALS remain unknown, but there are several new avenues of research that could be important in the development of new treatments for ALS.” -http://www.immed.org/illness/neurodegenerative%20diseases.html

Lyme disease has a definitive cause: A transmission of Borrelia from one organism to another – whether the victim remembers the transmission or not. Also, Lyme has various (and I mean lots) of treatment protocols that have been researched and are proven to work. However, it does take many months, and sometimes years to find the treatment protocol that is right for an individual. Dr. Dave Martz was diagnosed with ALS and ended up treating for Lyme and now walks without symptoms of ALS. Dr. Dave Martz figured Lyme, despite the ALS diagnosis. Read a short article regarding his story here: https://www.lymedisease.org/421/. I do not mean to focus completely on ALS, as many other conditions have been seen with the same flaws, and have been tested, researched and treated inadequately – leaving families torn apart, distraught and feeling hopeless. Chronic Lyme Disease has a cause and can be treated (but is tricky and is a long process). The diagnosis can give hope to hopeless, faithless people.

Anyway, Chronic Lyme Disease is an actual disease and must be treated and respected as one. Chronic Lyme Disease and all of it’s victims deserve answers, treatments and research. As a victim of Chronic Lyme, I see it as my right to raise awareness about this disease, to bring justice to those who are at a loss for options, to give closure to those who feel they’ve lost their minds, and to give hope to those who have been misled and misdiagnosed.

This disease is real. These videos are slightly old, but they are still the truth today. Here is the trailer to “Under Our Skin” and it’s worth your 5 minutes. If you would like to watch the full documentary, you can pay for it on YouTube, or just search for it in your web browser.

This is the trailer for the first documentary:

This is the trailer for the sequel to the first one:

I will continue to blog about this issue, and many other aspects of life. I just want to bring awareness to this issue, the political, medical, and economic issue of Chronic Lyme Disease. For more information, facts and awareness, go to http://lymestats.org.

The question still remains: what’s wrong with Chronic Lyme Disease, and why won’t the CDC recognize it’s significance?

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I have professional experience. I am not completely knowledgable regarding everything. I try to do as much research as possible before publishing. Much of what I write is personal experience and knowledge gained from personal conversations with fellow Lyme victims. I do not mean to condemn anyone, disrespect anyone or disregard anyone for their illness or condition. My intention is to merely bring awareness to the issue at hand – Chronic Lyme Disease.
Featured Image: http://www.aboutlyme.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/fightlyme.jpg



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