The Opposite of Narrow

Photo taken by Elise Hendrickson @ Lincoln City Beach, Oregon.

We are often seen as narrow minded. We are often caught in a narrow moment. Not seeing everything in the vast, vast world that we live in. Sometimes it’s good to be narrow-minded, sometimes it’s beneficial to our lives if we stay closed in. But, often it’s unhealthy. It’s a disadvantage to our lives to be narrow in our thoughts.

Jesus was never narrow minded. He saw the good in all bad, he saw possible in what seemed impossible, he saw health in the sick, he saw miracles in what seemed permanently damaged. He had a vast mind, with a vast love. Jesus was never narrow minded.

As followers of Christ, we must strive to be more like Jesus, our savior. We must take one more step closer to Him. We’ve got to look past our own selves and look out into the vast world around us. Narrow exists, physically. Narrow shouldn’t exist mentally. To have a mental state of narrowness is seeing 1 grain of sand in a beach of trillions. Why would you only want to look at one grain of sand? Wouldn’t that get boring? Why wouldn’t you want to see the entire beach and beyond?

I chose this picture to showcase for this post because it is the opposite of narrow. It is a picture of the vast ocean, the big world, the open skies. You may focus in on the one child running, or the rock on the right, or the rock in the middle. But your focus doesn’t stay on that one thing. You look around to see the entire picture. You are opening your eyes to see more than one thing. You are training your brain to be wide. You are becoming less narrow.

To look at one person in one light is unfair. Change the amount of light, change the color of the light. Don’t be so narrow when encountering a situation, don’t be so narrow when speaking to someone, don’t be so narrow when reading words.

I challenge you to be less narrow in your life. I challenge you to have a wide mind, to have a  larger view, to open the lens and witness the vastness of our beautiful world.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

*Written in response to the weekly photo challenge prompt: Narrow


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