Love, Flowers, and a Bit of Jesus

Photo taken by Elise at Pike Place Farmer’s Market in Seattle, WA

A bit of a rant for tonight…

Stop and smell the flowers. You never know how refreshing they’ll be. Open your eyes to the good, for you were made good. You were made with intention and purpose. You are loved unconditionally and you are worthy of all grace. You have talents and you are unique. No matter your sadness, darkness, hurt and anger, Jesus saves.

You are loved beyond human knowledge and you have every reason to be happy. So smell the flowers and see how refreshing it is. Open your eyes to the light and love that awaits you. You have more in you than you can see right now. Soon, you will use your senses and you will see clearly.

Life isn’t all black and white. Look for the color, look for the variety. Strive for diversity and long for peace. Work together, hand in hand, because love doesn’t discriminate. Love is simple and kind. Love is the ultimate goal, but also our daily reminder of Jesus. Love is totally irrational, but also all powerful. Love disintegrates boundaries and love crosses borders.

Don’t take your life for granted and count your blessings. Believe in yourself and believe in others. Give others the benefit of the doubt and don’t jump to conclusions. Think for yourself, but keep your ear tuned to God’s message. Don’t be persuaded by popular opinion and smile at all people, because we all know how much a smile can change someone’s day.

Give every activity your all, because you don’t know when it’ll be your last time. Keep your head up and your gaze towards the heavens. Be confident but stay humble. You have every right in the world to be happy and feel loved, because Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to give you the best gift of all time.

He endured the worst of the worst, so you could experience the best of the best.

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


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