Up-cycled Dresser

Another DIY Project complete!

With help from my mom and dad, I turned an ordinary, wood dresser into a shabby-chic dresser to add a pop of color to my white/gray room.
We bought a dresser from a furniture consignment store that was in great shape and was fairly cheap. We found the perfect paint color and adorable drawer knobs.


IMG_1656What you’ll need:

  • Someone who can help you carry the piece of furniture around to various locations (thank you dad for your strength)
  • An electric sander
  • 2-3 hand sanding blocks
  • A piece of furniture that you want to turn into something super cool
  • Paint in the color of your choice – we used Behr in Satin Enamel
  • Door knobs, drawer pulls or whatever accessory you want to add to the piece of furniture. I recommend finding a Hobby Lobby to get said things, and they have great signs/frames/decorations!IMG_1688
  • Foam roller and a smallish paint brus
    and a paint tray

My mom sanded the entire dresser down for me and then I wiped it off with a wet t-shirt. (A cloth or paper towel would work too.) Then we started painting! We put two coats on and then let it dry over night.IMG_1661

The next morning, I used the electric sander with a 120 grit round and sanded off the paint to give the dresser a shabby-chic, rustic, worn finish. I would recommend starting off putting very little pressure on the sander and then add more pressure if you want more paint to come off. I only sanded the edges and corner of the dresser and drawers, as those are the natural areas where a piece of furniture would wear down.

Then, my mom and dad carried the dresser up to my room. I added the drawer knobs, and put the drawers in, put my belongings into the drawers, and it was finished! IMG_1689

Happy creating and DIYing!

Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”


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