Being unstoppable is hard.

We all have had those times when being determined, motivated and brave are our only options. We have all experienced a time when we know we have to be unstoppable. We have to be unbreakable.

But what about those times when you feel On Top of the World? 12140816_437154929807606_3924749365877813932_n We have all had those times when we feel unstoppable and it’s natural. We didn’t have to try to be unstoppable. We loved what we were doing so much that it wasn’t hard to find motivation, it wasn’t hard to be determined, and our bravery just came to us. Being unstoppable was easy.

Being unstoppable is an incredible feeling. It’s a feeling that gives motivation, encourages us to keep moving, and allows for determination without hesitation. When being unstoppable is natural, it’s thrilling and invigorating. We want to feel unstoppable ALL THE TIME. So, I thought I’d share four simple steps that help me achieve the feeling of being unstoppable.

5c78988f0887910c8bc17da984d35fa3Step 1: Be yourself. Be completely unique in that you are living completely authentically. You have nothing else to offer to the world other than your raw, complete, strong, wholesome self. Being unstoppable is finding your strengths and allowing your true self to shine. God made you into something that you can’t change, no matter how hard you try. So embrace your true self, let God use your hands and feet, let God guide you. You can’t be unstoppable when you’re trying to be something you’re not!

Step 2: Take risks. You can’t be unstoppable if you never change things up. You have to try new things, find out what your good at, find out what your bad at. Use those strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. Being unstoppable doesn’t mean being trapped in the same daily routine. Being unstoppable is dealing with what’s thrown at you and jumping into a situation that you’re not sure of the outcome. Didn’t Superman take risks? He stepped in front of obstacles and proved that being unstoppable is totally possible, but you have to take risks.

Photo by A.G. Photographe – https://www.flickr.com/photos/anto13/3588068591

Step 3: Be open to new perspectives. God gave each and every one of us a different set of eyes. He gave some of us perfect vision, some of us need glasses and some completely blind. That means that we need to take into consideration that we each have a different perspective. We need to understand that we can be unstoppable when we take the time to see from various angles. Being unstoppable isn’t about sitting idle, being unstoppable is finding new opportunities to help, to be driven, and to succeed. Allowing yourself to see differently will give you the vantage point to be unstoppable in multiple ways.


Step 4: Have faith. Having faith in God, accepting love and grace from Him gives you the ultimate tools to be unstoppable in any situation. You automatically have the ability to be unstoppable when you seek understanding from Christ. You instantly have an opportunity to be unstoppable when you let God into your life. You have the strength, the courage, and the reason to be unstoppable when you let God use you. Putting your faith and understanding into God is the most important step to being unstoppable86576014201d218aa9935b6f180fb104

Being unstoppable is easy. Being unstoppable doesn’t always need to be publicized or recognized. Being unstoppable is God’s doing, and when we allow God to guide us, we instantly feel unstoppable. He gives us the strength to keep going. He gives us the love to keep moving. He gives us the mercy to keep living. He gives us the tools to be unstoppable.

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Matthew 19:26 says, “Jesus looked at them an said, ‘with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

The bible reveals COUNTLESS situations in which we are unstoppable as long as we remember who we are in the name of Jesus. Keep God close because without Him, we will fall. We will become stoppable. We will be defeated by all evil and hatred. With God, we are unstoppable, even through the hardships of life. Through sickness, death, darkness, mistakes and deliberate actions, God remains. God gives us the ultimate tools to be unstoppable.

Be yourself, take risks, open your eyes, and have faith.

Be unstoppable.

Elise Hendrickson

**Written in response to The Daily Post prompt: Unstoppable. 


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