DIY Pallet Bed Base

I just moved to Georgia and thought it’d be fun to do some DIY projects for my bedroom and thought I’d share my ideas!

So, here we begin! The daunting task of finding pallets for a bed base. I started out with the idea that I could just go to Home Depot and grab several of their recycled pallets. Then I realized that’s probably not the most sanitary or safest idea. So, I did some research and found a pallet distributor.

  1. Find pallet distributor that sells new/gently used pallets that are UNTREATED. This is important! You do not want to have nasty chemicals or bugs invading your clean, private bedroom, or any part of your house for that matter.
    • You will likely need a truck or trailer to haul these back to your house.
    • Some pallet distributors actually provide hauling services for your pallets at a low cost if you are someone who does not have access to said truck/trailer.
    • For a queen bed base, you’ll need at least 4 pallets.
    • The pallets should be 40×48 or 42×48 “A” Grade pallets. 7 planks on top and 5 on bottom will work perfectly! Ask the pallet distributor for these specifications and they’ll know exactly what you’ll need!
    • I will be putting a queen bed on top of this. The dimensions of my bed are 60×80 and the dimensions of the finished bed base will be 80×96
  2. You will NEED an electric sander (unless you want to be sanding for 6 hours a day for 4 days).
  3. You’ll need 80 grit sanding paper and 120 grit sanding paper for your sander.
  4. You may also need a few sanding sponges/pieces of sand paper for the edges and corners that the sander is too big or not flexible enough for.
    • You can get the same grit as for the sander. 80 grit and 120 grit.
    • The 80 grit will be used first to take out the major imperfections and the 120 used second to get a nice, smooth finish.
  5. A tarp/plastic
  6. Now is the fun part! You get to pick out your paint color! I recommend using spray paint as it’s easier to cover all areas quickly and relatively smoothly.
  7. Now, go buy your spray paint!

You may want to find yourself some help if you’re inexperienced (as I was) or just not up to spend days and days sanding. The pallets will need more TLC than you first thought.

My dad was gracious enough to lend me his expertise and strength with the sanding and removing the major imperfections. You’re going to want at least 5 cans of spray paint, depending on how finished you want your pallets to look.

Remember to blow off the pallets before painting! We just used a leaf blower(:

Get enough plastic/tarps to spread well beyond the pallets to protect your driveway from the overspray.

Strat shaking your spray paint and begin your painting! Add as many coats as you feel necessary to get the desired look!

Here are my rustic white pallets!

Now you just add your bed and decorate! The room is not completed, but at least I have a bed to sleep on, right?

Good luck and have fun creating!(:

Elise Hendrickson


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