Storms Are Natural

Storms are natural.

Definition 1: “a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.”

Definition 2: “a violent disturbance of affairs, as a civil, political, social, or domestic commotion.”

The first 3 words of both of those definitions: a violent disturbance. Those 3 words are relative to each person. One person’s idea of a violent disturbance will be quite different than that of another. Hence why some people love storm chasing and other’s would rather hunker down in a basement and wait for the storm to blow past. Some people have been shot at and other’s have had a grandparent pass away. Definitions of violent disturbances are relative.

1: Meteorologically storms are incredible. They have a force like no other. Not one storm can be repeated exactly. The magnitude, the violence, the sequence of lightning and thunder, the frequency of lightning and thunder. They cannot be replicated, exactly.

Storms scare children, dogs, cats, adults, birds. Storms do not have a heart or mind, yet they have the ability to cause negative feelings in someone.

Storms are good. Lightning makes the grass greener. Rain makes the grass grow. Storms are refreshing. Storms bring rainbows. Storms blow over. Storms reveal the brightest of light, the sun.

Storms are natural.

2: Life’s storms are scary. Storms bring uncertainty and turbulence to life. Storms disturb the peace. Storms show the worst of someone, but bring out the best. Storms strengthen people. Storms weaken people. Storms challenge thoughts and ideas. Storms hurt. Storms vary. Storms are of different magnitude. Storms in people’s lives can never be replicated. Each storm is a different order of events. Each storm brings new obstacles. Each storm involves different people. Each storm is it’s own storm.

Storms frighten adults. Storms shake up children. Storms disturb pets. Storms do not have a heart or a mind, yet they have the ability to cause negative feelings in someone.

Storms are good. Brokenness creates a sense of healing. Turbulence inspires strength. Hurt reveals love. Storms bring new ideas. Storms blow over. Storms bring brighter skies.

Storms are natural.

Think of all the good things that storms provide. Know that no matter how long a storm may last, it’s temporary. The storm will reveal a refreshing new slate. That storm has a way of washing away the brokenness, the emptiness, the painfulness. That storm has a way of showing life, love, happiness, new beginnings and new ideas. Have confidence that your storm will blow over. Your storm is only a part of you to make you stronger.

Storms are natural.

Elise Hendrickson

*written in response to the Daily Post’s prompt Storm.



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