Where Is Love?

Where is love? Where is hope? Where is faith? Where is kindness? Where is grace?

This world is constantly being fed from hate, from racism, from crime, from violence. What happened to love? 7a2045ba7770c26c82afa8cc7232d7f7

What happened to giving everyone the benefit of the doubt regardless of their race, sex, religion, culture and morals? What happened to love?

Why are more people looking at life through a scope on a gun than looking through their crystal clear eyes? Why are more people looking down the ribbing of a barrel than looking through their beautiful eyes made by God? Why are more people seeing fault rather than innocence? What happened to love?

In this world, we are the one’s with hearts. With brains. With blood. With muscles. With nerves. With life giving capabilities. Why aren’t we sticking together? Don’t we want the human race to continue to thrive? Don’t we want to be UNITED AS ONE, UNDER GOD? What happened to that? What happened to being a force united by common ground? What happened to love?

Each one of us is here for a reason. God made the Earth, He made the animals, He made miraculous waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, and a gorgeous YOU. Yet, so many people are too full of themselves to see the greater good that we are here for. We are here to make a difference in a POSITIVE way. We aren’t meant to live in hate. We have been given the tools to deal with hate, to combat evil. We are meant to battle the darkness together. To join as one, under The One. A force to be reckoned with. What happened to love?

There isn’t a soul in this world that was born to hate. Every action of violence is set in stone by a motivation other than simply being human. There are lopsided minds, skewed thoughts and broken hearts. This is not an excuse or explanation for violence and hate. Simply a deeper thought regarding the most recent hate. What happened to love?0313c72fe9ef1fed89148c4eed08bf9e

In Minnesota, on July 6th, a man was shot four times by a police officer when pulled over while reaching for his license. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital. This man was not given the benefit of the doubt. He was simply put in a position in which he had no way of defending himself. He deserved nothing more than the warning for the broken tail light – the reason he was pulled over. He informed the officer that he had a firearm in possession and that he had a conceal-and-carry permit. Admitting to this would bring one to think the officer would give him the benefit of the doubt. That the officer would see the man meant no harm and his intentions were purely to get his ID. However, the officer saw differently, he saw the situation from the sight of his gun. He saw this man with hate. What happened to love?

The full story of the Minnesota shooting:  http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2016/07/06/police-officer-involved-shooting-in-falcon-heights/

There were several other shootings on July 6th. There is no explanation. There is no excuse. There is no valid reason. Other than hate. A word we are taught when we are little that is “a strong word” and shouldn’t be used. A word that is the complete opposite of love. A word that describes that darkness in our world. A word that motivates violence.

d739ce09bec42b9bc5470834e99b06e5It is our job to see the world with love, to see the world with open eyes, to see the world as a bigger place than our own intentions. It is our job to share the power of love and grace.

I see where love is now. It’s in an arms reach. We must grasp it and hold it tight. We must multiply it. We must throw it in the air and fly with love.

Living a life with love in your heart, brain, muscles, blood, nerves and actions bring us one step closer to being one under The One. Live with positive light, with positive actions, with positive intentions.

Live with pure love. Live with innocent love. Live with simple love.

Love is everywhere. Love is easy, but we, as humans, like to make things complicated. We like to add extra steps to our problems. We like to impress people with our abilities to solve problems. But love is so much simpler than that. Love is surrounding us. Hate is what we add to the world to prove that we can fix something. We need to learn to just let love be. To let love see. To let love succeed. Love is everywhere.

That’s where love is.

Elise Hendrickson


“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”




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