The Rainy Days

I love the rain. I absolutely love rainy days. I love Seattle and the Pacific North West for that very reason.

I love my rain boots. I love my rain coat. I love Seattle and the Pacific North West for that very reason.

Though the rainy days bring gloominess, grayness and the unavoidable wetness. The rainy days remind us that the sun comes out again; that without rain, things would not be green; that without water, life would not be possible.


I love the rain. Rainy days are the perfect lazy days, but they’re also the perfect days to go outside and feel refreshed. Rainy days give you a reason to channel your inner kid and go puddle jumping. They give you a reason to let your guard down and realize that life isn’t always dry and easy. It’s a reminder that life gets sloppy and messy.

I love the rain. It reminds me that life doesn’t rain on us just to make things gray and depressing, but that rain brings life, allows for plants to grow, and for worms to come out of hiding. It’s important to remember that not all things are bad. That life hits hard sometimes, but you will learn from that hard experience; that life throws crap at us, but you will grow stronger from that crap; that life takes a few ‘wrong’ turns, but we will always have the ability to get out and see the light.

I love the rain. It’s relaxing. It’s calming. It’s peaceful. Find something that calms you and relaxes you. Sometimes it rains when you had no idea it was going to. Maybe you forgot to check the weather, or maybe 5 minutes of down pour just popped up in the sky. Sometimes, life hits you when you had no idea it was coming. And sometimes, you just need to relax when you had no intention on taking a day off. Life doesn’t always play by our rules, and it’s important to realize that the control you thought you had over your life, isn’t always going to be there. Here lies one of the most important things that Lyme disease has taught me: Surrender to God, the second you wake up, the second you fall asleep, and every other second of your life. Your life is in His hands. Your life is your life, but ultimately, God is sitting in the driver’s seat. Let it rain on your freshly curled hair, let it pour on your brand new shoes. Let God love you and take care of you. Let your feet hit the puddles and jump in God’s glory and wisdom.

I love the rain. It makes me feel happy. It’s gives the earth, and all it’s inhabitants, a good cleaning. It keeps things refreshed and lively. Though it’s cloudy when it rains, the sun never disappears. Though life gets gloomy, there’s always something positive amongst the gloominess.

It rained today and I am not feeling well… flu-like and achey. I had this sudden urge to go outside. I stood up and got dizzy, but I powered through. I slipped on rain boots and shuffled my way outside. I grabbed my two dogs and we made our way to the puddles. My legs felt heavy, but putting the boots on just made them heavier. At this point, I’m thinking what the heck am I doing…  I don’t feel good enough to be out here.., but then I saw Twig, one of my dogs, jump in the puddle and she looked so happy. Birch, my other dog followed right after. They were running through the puddles, drinking from the puddles, sitting in the puddles. They just loved the puddles. So, I thought hmm.. they look like they’re having so much fun, maybe I’ll give it a try. I dragged each leg, one by one, to the puddle the dogs had been enjoying. I suddenly felt calm and ready to jump. I bent my knees and *launched* my feet up and into the puddle. I didn’t actually get very far off the ground.. maybe an inch or 2, but it felt so good.

I lasted 5 minutes outside, walking and slopping through a few puddles with the pups. I smiled and laughed with them (I’m sure the neighbor across the street was thinking what the heck is wrong with her..). I have no shame or regrets in playing in the rain with my best friends. Twig and Birch’s tails were going faster than ever, and I couldn’t help but smile to show my joy.

I got back inside, slipped my boots off and said out loud, “That was fun!” Something I haven’t said in quite some time. I plopped myself on the couch and began to feel more pain in my legs and feel even more flu-like. I didn’t care though. I had so much fun.

I’ve learned to sacrifice parts of my life, my happiness, and my social life because of Lyme disease, but I know that God will only provide in abundance when all this is done. 8829d0519b71d41dbed73575b4454b0a.jpg

I love the rain, but I have made an extremely important and difficult decision recently. I will be deferring from college (University of Puget Sound) for one year. I will not be in the PNW this coming fall, but rather the fall of 2017. I am absolutely stoked to live there, to have constant puddle jumping fun and to find myself in the great outdoors. But for now, the occasional puddle in  Georgia will have to do. Oh, yeah, and I’m moving to Georgia with my parents in a couple weeks. I will spend my time there getting healthy and strong again before I finally make the move to the PNW!

Go puddle jumping, get your hair wet, ruin a pair of shoes, get muddy, let loose, have fun, take care of yourself. Today taught me that taking care of your body is important, but taking care of your mind and soul is just as important.

A lot of times, chronic illnesses can be so overwhelming because the amount of physical pain is so intense, and the mental pain and grief just get shoved to the back burner to build up. Mental pain is a serious problem in the world of chronic illness, especially Lyme disease. Recently, a 22 year old Lyme victim from Texas killed herself because she didn’t feel like it was worth it to keep fighting. The psychological damages of Lyme took over her abilities to fight. She wanted everything to be done. Like all of us Lyme victims (and other chronic illness victims), we just want the pain to stop, the fighting to be done, the judgements to turn to praise, and the depression to shut up. Mental pain is real, in everyday life. It impacts nearly everyone at some point in their life, whether it be for 2 days or 20 years, it’s something that needs to stop. We need to lift each other up, to love one another, to be happy for one another, to compliment one another, and to encourage one another. There’s enough hate in this world, God only wants us to radiate love and peace.

Rain is a part of living, but to see the good things that rain does is a choice. Choose to love and to be happy. It’s a life worth living; and trust me, I’ve dealt with my share of not-so-worth-it days. Be an advocate for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for everyone. Open your mind and heart and see all the good that God gives us. See all of the love that He shows us. See all of the fun that He provides us.098c526ed4e693cb760073471affc2f6.jpg

Take care of your body, but remember that your mind and soul are what drive this place. Connect to yourself and realize what God is doing. Let it rain and know that the sun is in the sky always. Let it pour and know that God will be there for you always.

Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, you have no control over the rain. Choose to let God guide you. Making that choice, that’s something you have control over.


Elise Hendrickson


“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”






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