Post #8, 9, 10 for Lyme Awareness Month

Today was a pinch better than the last two. I am absolutely exhausted still and continue to struggle with brain fog. I am confused, lost and lose focus easily. I am nauseous and freezing cold and feverish almost all day. I have my senior prom on Saturday and right now, I am very worried that I will not be able to go – so prayers for strength are very much appreciated. I have been robbed from the majority of my senior year and I really just want to make the most of this!

Today I decided to reach out and talk on a lyme group on Facebook, and I’ve never felt so included in the last 4 months. I forgot what it feels like to be related to. I forgot what it feels like to be understood. I have gotten so used to being questioned, doubted, forgotten, and misunderstood that that has become my new normal.

It’s so nice to have people – my age – understand what’s going on. For them to relate to me, to give me advice, to just understand is what makes this a bit easier.

So, moral of the story.. being understood and to understand is a gift from God that each one of us has the opportunity to use and to be thankful for. Approach a new situation or person with an open mind, with the willingness to understand and to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t be so quick to judge or criticize. Not all of us make decisions that others understand or support, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be graceful and understanding. We all make mistakes! To be understanding is to show grace; the grace of God. Living and loving in the name of Jesus Christ means to be gracious and open-hearted.

We are children of God and therefore, we should act like it, or at least do our best.

If we are understanding, we bring peace to the world, if the world is more peaceful, love can prevail, if love can prevail, positivity can live.

Be understanding for God understands. He forgives and so should we.


Elise Hendrickson

“She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

P.S. Here is another song that has kept my spirits up.


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