Living… and loving

It’s a day-to-day battle. We all struggle. We all have our own opinions, thoughts and emotions. Remember that. We also all share the power of love and grace, whether you are conscious of this fact or not, we all understand love to an extent.

A struggle could be an illness. Could be work related. Could be school related. Could be financially related. It could be anything that you see as a negative event that is hindering you from being the best you that you could be.

Look for love. Look for grace. Your life is much more than materialistic things. Your life is filled with hope and faith; with God’s eternal life and love.

Yes, I get it, life absolutely sucks sometimes, and sometimes it feels like nothing is going right, and everything is going wrong. But hey, smile and know that even if it’s cloudy, the sun doesn’t  just vanish in space.


Being okay with your current position in life is somewhat challenging, but so is trying to carry an almost-overfilled glass of milk, make that purple grape juice on white carpet… you get the point (-; . Just accept it, be careful with your actions and words, and everything will be okay.

Love yourself for who you are; that doesn’t mean you need to ecstatic about what you’re dealing with, but if you can love, you’ll be supported, you will have something to believe in and you will realize that there is hope for all.

Live with positivity in mind, live to move forward with love. Be gracious.

Don’t forget to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Keep on keepin’ on,

Elise Hendrickson (:


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