Well hey!

Today I went to a new naturopath and I was extremely impressed. Also kind of thankful that every other doctor has failed to diagnose me.

It was another doctor appointment that gave me anxiety, made me exhausted before I even walked in the door, but left me feeling hopeful; a feeling I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Today, we are blessed. Today, we are living. Today, we are loved. All because of a much greater power above. Thank God. IMGP9785

Dr. Otten diagnosed me with Lyme Disease.

Lyme WHAT?!?!

Yes, Lyme disease. We aren’t sure how long, officially, I have had this, but it’s been for more than a year. It’s good news to know what’s wrong with me, and it’s good news that I will not feel like crap for much longer, fingers-crossed.

I am beyond ready to feel myself again, but I keep asking myself, what exactly does that feel like?! So, I imagine that I will be sort of a new person. Which is a weird thought, but an exciting one.

Treatment for this begins with antibiotics and I hope that works!

I will continue to use my blog as a way to update readers with progress of treatment, and my own personal opinions on life with Lyme.

I am glad, and blessed to have been diagnosed with T1D back in October. I cannot imagine having to deal with/learn about two conditions that aren’t black and white all at once.

Lyme disease, in my case, is not a straight, smooth road. Tests are inconclusive, and I have had symptoms for so long that the infection is likely embedded in my body, and doctors cannot predict the way my body will react. I will pray every day for the best. IMGP9772

It’s one more thing that I will cope with; that I will battle with; that I will get over. From here on out, I will surrender to God, and I will take each day, one step at a time.

I will be frustrated. I will be sad. I will be mad. But, I will be positive. I will be open-minded. I will be kind-hearted. I will be happy.  I will be accepting. I will be patient.

It’s not all about the struggle itself. It’s about what the struggle taught you. And I am curious to find out what that lesson will be. art1

You know when they say “when life gives you lemons, you’ve got to make lemonade”? Yeah, I am not sure how I am supposed to make lemonade out of this, but I will listen, I will ask, I will accept and I will relax.

Life isn’t about dwelling on the negatives. Life is about finding the light, finding the happier times. Find those people who make you laugh uncontrollably, who make you vulnerable, who make you smile with all of your teeth and who listen to every word – even through the tears.

God has got you in His hands, and will love you eternally. Do not be ashamed in  His presence and live for a light that WILL be found!

Keep on keepin’ on (:

Elise Hendrickson  coffee1


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. You are amazing at putting your thoughts into journals like this. Your positive attitude and high spirits will get you through this. It’s relieving to hear that you finally have a diagnosis. You can get through anything if you keep living life as positively as you are now!!!

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  2. I love this! You are so honest; yet inspirational and motivating. I was also diagnosed with Lyme in October and wow, it can be such a bumpy road. I look forward to reading your posts and following your treatment. I am doing holistic treatment after the antibiotics didn’t work 😦 Sending you tons of strength and love.

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