New year 

As the new year comes, I realize I will definitely miss things from 2015. 2016 is my high school graduating year and from her on out, 2016 will be the year that I moved on with my life and put all of my trust in God to guide me to where I’m supposed to be.   

 2015 has been a game of bad plays and not so lucky cards. I have been through a tough diagnosis – Type 1 Diabetes – and multiple other health issues that has nearly disabled me the last couple of months.

Despite the unfortunate events, I am still living and breathing. I am blessed to have met the people I have met, to have had the opportunities that I have had, and the support that has surrounded me all year long.

 I hope that 2016 brings answers for the many prayers that I’ve prayed. I hesitate to make a New Years Resolution because I am not sure what 2016 will bring me physically. However, love never fails, God’s grace is unending and miracles do happen.

     Due to my medical situation, there are things that I have forgotten, and my memory has lacked. I’m blessed to have had the ability to take lots of pictures and videos over the passed year, and I encourage anyone who is reading to take in every moment to the fullest – and do it in whatever way you will remember it… If you have to take your phone out and take a few pictures, if you bring your camera with you, or if you just like to take it in – mind, body and soul.

 This year, 2016, I hope we all find a sense of peace, a sense of calm, a sense of assurance, that all will be okay in the world.

2015 was turbulent for not just me personally, but for the world, for each country, for each state and for each city and town. I pray that all people find faith in God to protect us. There is so much that is out of an individual’s control, but together, we can help the broken, guide the lost and find the light for those in the dark.

 2016, a year of beginnings, a year of endings. Smile everyday, find something that makes you laugh and it’s okay to cry.

A link to my favorite summer memories.

Keep on keepin on!

-Elise Hendrickson


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