Thanksgiving. A day of gratitude and love. A day of sharing and recognition. A day of family and friends. A day of lots of food and memories.

Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks.

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving, but the holiday is an opportunity to truly reflect on life and to share your thanks with the people around you.

 God gave us so much and to live without knowing that is a shame.

Personally, I haven’t had the luckiest past few years, and I’ve been through some stuff that I will never ever wish upon anyone, however, to have friends and family, organization, and people who support me and are there for me – that is something to be truly thankful.

Even when it feels like life is falling apart and you can’t seem to find any hope or light in your life, God is always giving, and so is life.
A few things that I’m thankful on this snowy day of thanks in Minnesota: coffee; having the ability to workout – even with the lack of energy I have been dealing with); my mom – who never stops giving; my dad – who knows how to make me laugh and smile;

 my big brother – who puts up with my crap; my friends who always have my back; my boyfriend – who lives out his faith and extends endless amount of grace towards me when I’m not feeling well;

 and lastly, the opportunities I have to work with Community Thread and Livin’ Life Man!

 This life is a great one and to give thanks for all that we have is one of the easiest ways we can thank God for everything he has given us.

Give thanks, love life and keep on keepin on! You are loved and blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving😊

-Elise Hendrickson


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