Know who you are

Becoming somebody who others want you to be is difficult, and even exhausting. Many of us do things, pursue careers, go places and speak a certain way just to please somebody else. I don’t quite understand that phenomenon. I’d like to meet the person who came up with that idea. 

There are two sides to this idea. One is, you do things to please others out of love and God’s grace; like volunteering, or having a leadership role. The second – pleasing others to be somebody else, and in the end, making your own life more miserable. 

The second side is sad. Just sad. I have been in positions where I feel like I’m doing something just to fit a mold. I know that people don’t always mean to put that pressure on someone, but when new opportunities are scarce, and encouraging words are lacking from your vocabulary, you start to realize that something is wrong with the situation you’re in. 

High school students continually feel pressured to be somebody that they’re not. Whether it be going to college, or taking classes that they have no interest in, or playing a sport that they feel useless in. I think many adults lose sight of what high schoolers are capable of. Not everyone is meant to go to a traditional 4-year school (if that’s your dream, so be it). Not everyone is meant to take 4 years of math, and science. Not everyone wants to be lectured, and not every student enjoys hands on learning. High school students are constantly pressured to fit a mold of the general student body. And little do you know, we can be opening bakeries, we can be writing blogs about life, we can be making movies, writing books, working in hospitals and balancing life’s elements better than any 35 year old. 

My high school consists of 2,000 students for just 3 grades. You cannot tell me that everyone that goes to my school is the same. I think it’s time that we start to realize what’s wrong with the education system, and that everyone needs a different perspective of the world. I have to say, the opportunities that my high school offers are incredible and they definitely do their best to keep everyone engaged and involved. 

I have a dream of going to undergrad school, studying abroad, being a part of a research team for a medical specialty, going to grad/med school and pursuing a career in the medical field. Those are just my dreams. There are trillions of dreams in the world, and they all vary. Times have changed, and professional settings aren’t the same, career opportunities have increased and it’s time that we, high school students, take advantage of these opening doors. 

As for adults, being a 17 year old, I know that there are opportunities out there. My mom (indirectly) has taught me to always keep my options open, to never give up and to never let go of my values and goals. She just landed a new job that took her 3 and a half months to find. She applied to countless jobs and she was able to find the perfect fit with an organization right in her own city. So, long story short, keep your eyes open. God works in mysterious ways and He will always have your back. 

I pray to the Big Man above, that we, as people on this planet, begin to set our lives in motion, that we press play to living our lives to fulfill God’s intentions, and that whatever we do, it’s all to make a difference, to make society a more positive place and to allow for open minds and warm hearts. Let’s all accept each other’s talents and let everyone be their own person.

Don’t forget to keep living younique❤️

– Elise Hendrickson


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