6 tips on applying to college!

When you realize you’ve abandoned an interest, you realize that you haven’t been living to the fullest. I haven’t made time to write lately, and I’m a little bit sad about that!

Anyway, I have been very busy! I am currently applying to colleges, and for anyone who has gone through the process, will likely agree with the following.

I have found many challenges to this exciting time in my life, and for anyone who is struggling with getting a hold of your future if you’re in high school, here are some tips.

  1. Know your deadlines: I have found that having a calendar separate for college application deadlines, essay deadlines, essay draft due dates, scholarship application due dates, college visit days, interview days and anything else that is included in your application and decision process. Get a calendar and plan out the next 4 months of college stuff!
  2. Your email matters: Make an email address that is professional. This means, get rid of the ‘kittykats’ and ‘ilovedogs134’! Make an email on your preferred email service with your first name and last name. This will help colleges recognize your name, and they will take you more seriously if your email address doesn’t resemble your 7 year old self.
  3. Your essay needs to be edited: No matter how many drafts you need to get it grammatically, and factually correct, you need to get it done! Do not have your mom or dad edit your essay! Your parents are biased and may critique the wrong thing. Get a teacher, or an employer, a neighbor or counselor to edit your essay! Also, having a friend read it will allow them to make the judgement of making sure your essay accurately represents your style and who you are! So, bottom line, edit that essay!!!
  4. Apply to multiple schools: Have a plan B! Know that your dreams may come true, but not at the right times! Have a couple different ‘dream schools’! Applying to just one school doesn’t create competition for yourself, it doesn’t benefit you financially and it doesn’t allow you to see that life will always give you options! It doesn’t matter how far away you want to go, or how close to home you want to stay, keep your options open!!
  5. Ask questions: In your interview, ask the admissions counselor questions! Ask them about what they love about the school, ask them if they think you’d be a good fit, ask them what the most popular activities on campus are, ask them questions! And don’t be afraid to email the colleges and admissions counselors whenever! They are there to help you be successful!
  6. Be interesting: Make any fact about you sound interesting! Pick out the fascinating details about your experiences, explain your extracurriculars, and why you love to do what you love! Have passion in your tone of voice when you’re speaking about yourself! Sound excited and be enthusiastic about including your hobbies into your college life! Make sure that you are able to describe yourself in 3 words! Use descriptive words that truly represent yourself! [tip: in a group message, ask your friends of words that they you are, and pick the top three]. Elaborate on those words! Make yourself sound interesting! Make the school want you for you! Also, make a list of every extracurricular that you’re involved in! Memorize that list! And be sure to tell your interviewer all the things you love to do and how you balance your life!

I have done everything that you just read, and I feel pretty confident that I was successful in applying to several schools! Each of us have our own path, and each of our processes will be different, but taking into consideration the 6 tips from above, I can guarantee, you will find that you’re less stressed, and you will be confident that you included all the information that you feel necessary to accurately represent who you are!

Happy applying! And stay younique😊


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