Life is Full

I have been so busy this summer! Or shall I say my life is full! So, I came to a realization this morning. The life we live is only so long, but we fill it with so much to keep us going. Everything you do, you should be doing because it makes you happy, makes a difference, inspires others and/or allows you to live your life in positive motion!

As an ambassador of Livin’ Life Man, I feel that I need to realize how blessed I am and how the way I live can make a difference in the world. I have been so busy that it’s hard to realize that I am truly happy, but in the end, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else, or live any other way!

It’s not often that you get the chance to look up at the sun and admire its brightness, or look down at the earth and take in the amazing color and terrain. Don’t take those moments for granted. We get one life, and all people should strive to live to their fullest potential, live to leave an impact and most of all, live life in positive motion!

Despite the fullness of my summer, everything I’ve been doing is making me a better person, and making a difference in the people around me (or so I hope😉). I don’t doubt that I have let people down, I won’t deny that I have gotten upset a time or two, and I will acknowledge that I have felt run down; that’s life though! We are human, and God didn’t make us perfect, indestructible and invincible! Remember though, that God’s love is perfect, it is indestructible and it is invincible!

Have faith in yourself, believe in those around you and love the life you live!

If anyone wants to show that they live their life in positive motion, here is the link to the Livin’ Life Man website! When you get there, click shop in the upper right hand corner. All “Charleston” tees are marked down 50%!

Life is full, but don’t forget to Live younique😊

-Elise Hendrickson


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