Love who you are

so I haven’t posted in a really long time!! The end of the school year gets so busy and hectic! So, I was thinking that sometimes we get so caught up in the stress of our lives, managing our time, making sure our priorities are right and finding time for ourselves that we lose sight of our true calling. Each one of us has a different calling, a different journey, a different path. We all have our own ups and downs, our own cliffs and our own joy ride. Don’t forget what makes your life successful, don’t forget what makes you happy. Remember that you are you for a reason. God made you with his hands to be a piece of this world. If we were all the same, this world wouldn’t be the beautiful picture makes. If there was a 1000 piece puzzle, and every piece was the same, the puzzle wouldn’t look anything like it’s supposed to. It wouldn’t make a picture. 

Live to fall in love with the person God made you to be. Live to be unique. Live to see yourself as a contributor to this wonderful puzzle that I like to call the world. 

Have you ever noticed how people are so worried about their reputation? Have you seen people do things that are against their values just to fit in? Think about how ridiculous they look. Now, don’t go around call everyone ridiculous for their life decisions, because sometimes, people find inspiration from others, and actually adore what they’re doing. Don’t be quick to judge others, because likely you have not reached your fullest potential. Stay optimistic but keep reality in sight. Let go and let God. One of my favorite things to say – He truly has all control. 

Life is full. Full of sports. Full of clubs. Full of music. Full of work. Full of school. Full of decisions. Full of everything that makes our lives priceless. Avoid the word busy. Nobody is truly “too busy” to make time for you, and you are never “too busy” to make time for someone else. Your life is full, and your priorities are set. Don’t ever be afraid to change those priorities! Don’t ever be afraid to love yourself and those who surround you! Be proud. God made you to be unashamed of what you stand for. Make your creator proud! 

Love yourself 100%. Love who are completely. No matter how many people say you can’t, remember who are and know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to! 

Now, go share that love, confidence and strength with all the people in your life! Don’t forget that everyone needs a little ‘pick-me-up’ from time to time!  



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