Yoga Adventures 1

Finding an outlet and a refresh button is awesome! Finding both buttons in the same thing is even cooler! I have recently found a new love for yoga. I love it! I have been thinking a lot lately, and have realized that yoga doesn’t have to be done inside a studio, with mirrors and an instructor. If you are self-motivated, inspired and passionate, you can make anything happen just by the power of being you. So, I made that happen. I became a  beginner yogi just by watching videos on YouTube, reading articles and books on what it means to be truly comfortable with your body, mind and soul. I have found that the journey of yoga doesn’t just stop at the mat. Bringing it to the outside world, where you can apply the mental awareness is the ultimate goal. Howeve, from what I’ve read, I don’t think anyone’s yoga journey is ever seriously FINISHED. There is always something that needs work. So, I’ve made it my goal to continue practicing yoga on the mat, but whenever I have the inspiration in the outside world to show my passion for the practice, I will. Hopping into a pose just because it feels right and seems like an awesome way to inspire people, I will take that opportunity. It’s an opportunity to become an inspiration, and to grow within yourself. It’s awesome to be able to see that yoga can play a role in your life at every moment in every day, if you allow yourself to be taken into the hands of God, and let your soul wander. Stay faithful and have hope, because someday, we will all figure out our paths, we will all figure out that permanent REFRESH button. But for now, find a way to release, relax and renew. 

Love, live YOUNIQUE, laugh


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