Coffee House Chocolate Chip Muffins

the natural ginger

It’s 34 and raining outside.  If I have to deal with this weather, I’m going to eat my way to happy. This morning, happy came in the form of muffins.

Coffee house style chocolate chip muffins, to be specific.  IMG_4017

You know the kind… that sit temptingly behind that glass with a crisp, rustic outside, that coarse raw sugar glistening under the soft lighting, a soft chewy inside…Yeah, those kind of muffins.

Like all of my baked goods, I started with my personal favorite (self created) flour blend, and sifted all of the dry ingredients together twice.  It takes an extra minute, but it’s worth it. IMG_4007

In another bowl, whisk together your wet ingredients, then slowly incorporate the dry. Baked Goods 101. IMG_4008 The batter will be thick.

Add chocolate chips. Obviously. IMG_4009I wanted a ‘meal sized’ muffin, so I dived the batter into four in a large muffin pan.  You…

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