We have all been mean to someone, and we have all been a victim of unkind words. Let’s change that. Think of the positive aspects of that person. Think before you speak and know who you are in this world of diversity, before you go judging other people. The honest facts are quite sad. Mean and unkind words often stick in one’s head for much longer, than kind words. Why? Because criticism is used more commonly as negative feedback and therefore, taken as a mean comment. Let’s try to focus on accomplishments, positive aspects and beautiful souls, rather than failures and name brand clothes. Let’s be nice and understanding. This is a bunch of words that are said over and over again, however, I think that we can fix that. I think that I am strong enough to stand up for myself, and I believe in my peers to change the way we view each other. I don’t find everything impossible, and I think that we are completely capable, as a generation and people on the planet, to be accepting and kind. 

Though, kind is just a simple word, we can change the standard of society with words. 

Be kind, love with all your heart and know where you came from. 



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