IMG_4239Let me ask you a question.

Why do you brush your teeth?

Easy answer right? Because you want to keep your teeth clean.

Now, for a harder question. Why do you smile?

Still an easy answer. Something makes you happy, which triggers a reaction, that makes you smile. (or maybe you just like to show off those pearly whites, that you just brushed 😉 )

Smiling is awesome, because it allows other people to know your happy. However, lets dig a little bit deeper. Why did that something make you happy?

I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, or put words in your mouth, but most likely that something made you happy because you enjoy it, you love it, or it brings back positive memories. Maybe you have another answer. Take a second to think about why things make you happy. Take a second of your chaotic life, to think critically about your life. Take that risk, of one second, to learn about yourself. You may not have a simple answer, however, you probably will have an answer that you rarely think about.

Next question. Why do those emotions occur? Why do you love something? Why do you enjoy it? Why does it bring back memories?

These aren’t easy questions to ask, and they definitely aren’t any easier to answer. Take a minute of your day to look a little bit deeper into yourself, to find out what truly matters to you. I am not here to preach something to you. I’m not trying to make your life something it’s not. I’m not trying to make you think a certain way. I’m just trying to get people to be a little bit more open with themselves. I spent quite a while trying to think of answers of those questions.

I will tell you right now, that it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not always the most comfortable thing to think in depth about happiness, and why smiling can be such a powerful thing. But, once we realize what truly make us happy, we can start to slowly eliminate the not-so-amazing things, and be more open minded to seeing new opportunities.

The word “why” can be so much more powerful than what, where, when, who. We can answer those questions with one or two word answers. Why? What a powerful question? Try this… Why is why so deep? Asking why makes us think in ways we aren’t used to. We often see the world with black and white answers. By simply asking why, we see diversity, we see color.

This post may have been confusing, annoying, mind-opening, or refreshing, but I hope all you readers understand the necessity of adding critical thinking to the world. If we keep allowing easy answers, and simple minds, the diversity and way of life will begin to be boring and dull.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes asking why can complicate a situation, but when you are truly happy, ask why. Figure out what makes your life better so that you can inspire others to be happy. Don’t be afraid to share you thoughts, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to be happy.

Keep on keepin’ on, and don’t stop being you.



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