It’s been a while

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written (or typed) a blog posting. Long story short, I found out I had a concussion that I got back in January, and have been on full brain rest for 4 days.


During this time of brain rest, I colored and drew a lot, I meditated a lot and slept even more! In our world of being constantly connected to what everyone else was doing, it was tough, don’t get me wrong, but now that I think about it, it was refreshing. The concussion part of it, not so much, but just having my brain to myself was pretty nice.

I thought about a lot of different things during the days. I had many new ideas, new theory’s of why things were, some being completely ridiculous and others being pretty reasonable. One idea that I came up with kind of ties back into my post about cell phones a week or so ago.

If you think about it, when we are so focused on replying to other people, and seeing who is doing what, or what is going on where, we don’t always get to experience our own life directly. Now, taking that a step further, we don’t always leave time for our own brains to focus in on the task at hand. When our phone is in our hand, we constantly focus on the phone. However, putting your phone down and letting your brain see something other than a screen is really refreshing. Your brain can experience the things that it’s supposed to experience, not just what we want it to experience. So, I encourage you to put the phone down, and give your brain the things it deserves😊 [End of idea 1].

I have more ideas that will be posted this week!

LIveYOUNIQUE, experience life, see love and have fun💪


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