Blue Skies

There are some days that you look outside and the only thing you can do is be grateful to see blue skies. It’s definitely not everyday that we see blue skies and sometimes, squinting is enjoyable. I never thought about the fact that something that makes you look angry, can really mean that something is really beautiful. The simple things in life are the things that often go unnoticed. How many days of the week do you look outside at the sun and don’t actually realize how beautiful our universe is? Think about it, we don’t always take the simple things into consideration. If you get stuck in traffic and you’re about to scream because you’ve had a long day and you just want to be home, look outside, look at the beautiful things that God put on this earth, for us to enjoy. But do you genuinely enjoy it? Do you take it in on a daily basis? Do you give thanks every day? Try it. Try being happy for what you have. Try saying thank you for the little things. Try smiling at the one who looks too busy to smile back. Seeing blue skies, seeing the sun, seeing a smile, and saying a little thank you results in a happier you. It results in a better you. And it results in a better world. Love who you are. Love the world you live in. Live YOUNIQUE.


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