To all high school students

I don’t usually rant like this, however, it’s almost time for 2015-2016 registration, and it needed to be said. So here it goes:

Doesn’t anyone else think that it’s extremely sad that high school isn’t about becoming the best you that you can be. But the best GPA that you can make your GPA be. And that we learn how to write an essay about a book, but the only essay that will get us somewhere in life is about a real life matter. How about the fact that if you don’t wear what people are used to seeing you wear, you get asked “are you okay?” Or if you like a certain book that isn’t a majority vote, you get ridiculed for it and somehow shoved aside. We live in a world for 6 years where names- cars, clothes, people, places and things are criticized and objectionably judged till someone hits a breaking point.

Why don’t we end that? How about we say no to negativity, no to judgement and no to criticism. And say yes to positivity, yes to constructive conversation and yes to acceptance. I’m not trying to change anyone’s beliefs, I’m just trying to explain that the consequences of living in a world without reality are extremely large. Put up a fight for what you believe in. High schoolers are too often put down because we are”incapable” of making decisions, and we are not “mentally competent” to understand the bigger picture. Someone’s gotta say something. Put up a fight. Set standards for yourself, don’t be ashamed to succeed, and fulfill your dreams.


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