Letting Go

For any student out there, college or high school, you’re going to think I’m crazy for this blog, anyway, my inspiration for this post came up through the stressful and chaotic week of semester finals. I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of being tested on information we learned, already tested on, and forgot. Let me ask you a question… Why are we graded on something that we don’t get adequate preparation for? Why are we given a grade on one test that doesn’t test our learning ability, or our lives in the real world? To me, finals is just another week. My freshman year in high school, I stayed up till 1 am every night during finals week and stressed myself out over a test that would reflect my life decisions very poorly. Guess what those test scores reflected! They reflected that I was second guessing my answers to every question, that I didn’t get much sleep, and that I still didn’t comprehend the purpose of final tests.

As a student, you choose between a social life, sleep/mental health, good grades and extracurricular activities. To choose two of those four things is a difficult task, and an exhausting one at that. Being involved in things to make your college application or job resumé look better, getting good grades to graduate and make your parents proud, or getting enough sleep to make sure you have energy for your friends and family. It’s a tough thing to do, but remember, those who truly love you, will understand that what you are choosing to do is important to you too.

I’m getting myself stressed out about my life just typing this, so I can only imagine what you readers may be thinking, but one thing that I have vowed to myself to do is to get enough sleep – being at least 7 hours, eating right, and spending at least 4 hour per week doing exactly what makes me happy. Whether that be spending time with friends, watching a movie with my mom, doing yoga, or running, I make it a priority to make my body happy, so that my brain can be productive in the stuff that doesn’t always make sense, or what I believe is or is not worth my time.

Back to the finals topic, I figured out that being exhausted from staying up late to study, actually makes you forget more of what you previously learned before that late night study sesh. I also observed that without a good mental state, that I was forgetting to eat good food, drink enough water and even comprehend a simple conversation. Final exams are tests, that yes, do affect your GPA, however, an A- in a class will NOT affect your life. Don’t let a bad grade impact your level of motivation, don’t let it impact your dreams and don’t let it impact your mental health. Find what makes you happy, put that on the top of your To-Do list and know that your motivation and dreams will feed off of that happiness, and ultimately you will be more productive.

Chaos and stress is definitely part of life, don’t get me wrong, however, life isn’t chaotic and stressful. Life is meant to be a positive experience and is definitely not all about a grade.

Find happiness and positive vibes. Look for inspiration to be motivated so you can accomplish what you dream of.

Don’t forget to keep living YOUNIQUE😊



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