Living Life by the Gas Pedal

So, I read a blog/article posting that my mom shared with me today, and it was about how when you first start driving, you pay attention to absolutely everything and you remember every turn, red light, yellow light and green light. However, by the end of 2 years of driving, you are basically driving out of habit and wherever you go is just another trip. By the end of that drive, we often forget the last stop light we were at, or whether or not you turned on your turn signal.

I found inspiration from this post and have decided to add a LIVEYOUNIQUE spin on it.

The whole thing about forgetting about the drive to our destination is so true and I find that if we thought about that with a wider lens, we’d learn a lot about ourselves.

I don’t know how many times I catch myself living life on cruise control and I have made it a goal to stop. I see too many people, including myself, just getting through their lives. Why not live your life? Why not click the cancel button on cruise control and use the gas pedal.

I am in school, and at the end of my day, I get home and I don’t remember 1. My homework (without a planner I would be failing)
2. What I did in each class
3. How I got to school
4. And for that matter, how I got home

I’ve realized that living life just to get through isn’t the best decision. You miss the little things and you regret what you didn’t get to experience.

Being able to control your life by the gas pedal requires you to pay attention to what is going on around you. Even if you start with the little things. Pay attention to your feet, watch how fast you’re going and don’t hesitate to step on the break a little bit. keep in mind, I’m not saying be a bad driver.. Just be aware of how fast you’re living. Pay attention to your body movement, are you constantly in shock? Or are you easily flowing through life, accepting everyone and every other thing through life? Watch where you look. Are you only looking straight ahead? Or are you looking around you to make sure you are safe and others around you are okay too?

Now, apply these questions to your real life.

I encourage you to slow down, use the pedals, and live life with control. Being stressed and living by cruise control ends up in a mess of saying no to people you love, saying yes to the easiest way out, and speeding past the moments that were meant to be cherished.

Slowing down will result in a more positive life, being happy and spread a little more optimism through your life.

And don’t forget to alway live YOUNIQUE 😊



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