Dreaming vs Wishing

We all wish for things, we all wish for something to happen, and we all wish that we will be okay.

We all dream for thing, we all dream to be someone, we all dream to be a certain way and we all dream that something good will happen.

Difference between wishing and dreaming you ask? Well if you think about it, when thinking about wishes, it usually involves being materialistic and sometimes needy. However, dreams usually involve positive vibes and something you hope to happen with intangible goals.

Wishing for something is hopeful, dreaming is hope. Wishing is wanting and dreaming is striving.

I solidly believe that having dreams is a much more positive thought than to wish for something. To wish for something to happen isn’t always practical. Though when you have a dream, it’s likely a goal to reach or a feeling you hope to experience with a positive mindset.

So, bottom line for today’s blog is to have dreams and goals to strive for. To be successful and to have a happy future. Having dreams leads one to love life, strive for success and inspire others to be positive!

Dream big, inspire and live YOUNIQUE!


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