One New Years Resolution

So I have actually been trying to do this since November, but I’m going to make a true effort of this. I have
found that taking things out of my life in the past results in negative energy, so why not add a positive aspect to my life. My ONE and ONLY ONE New Years resolution is one that will keep me happier and spend more time in the moment and less time on unneeded negative vibes.

So here it is: If something were to make me mad or frustrated or upset, I will wait 24 hours to react in a rational way. If it has been 24 hours and I am still mad about the situation, then I will allow myself to react in a way that will conclude the problem peacefully. If I am over the situation after 24 hours, I get to move on with my life and have fun!

I encourage everyone to add something positive to your life, whether it be physical – working out, meditation, yoga, serving others, or it be mental – mindful living, de-stressing, laughing, or letting your mind be free of negativity. Do something that will enhance your life rather than erasing something.

Stay positive, inspire, be inspired and be YOUNIQUE😊


I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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