An Update: Life is Changing!

I’m doing a bit of a rebrand/makeover with my documenting, blogging and photography.  … More An Update: Life is Changing!


I Am A Warrior

My physical strength has increased substantially. I am growing mentally and physically.  I am seeing my potential more and more. This battle is full of ups and downs, and I’ve experienced my fair share of trying times. I am in awe of this body that God so graciously gifted me. I am in awe of … More I Am A Warrior

My Answers

So, I told you that I’d give you my responses to the questions from the Lyme Warriors Answer blog post. Here they are! Question #1 – What are some of the most common things people say or do when they hear you have Chronic Lyme Disease? “Oh I’m so sorry.” “What’s that like?” “That must really suck.” … More My Answers